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Hadis Nabi

Hadis Nabi Muhammad s.a.w : "Satu umrah ke satu umrah menghapuskan dosa di antara keduanya, dan haji yang mabrur tiada balasan baginya melainkan syurga"

Dalam hadis lain daripada Ibnu Abbas RA, baginda SAW berkata:
مْرَةُ فِي رَمَضَانَ تَعْدِلُ حَجَّةً
"Sesungguhnya umrah pada bulan Ramadhan bersamaan (ganjarannya) seperti menunaikan haji bersamaku"


We are proud to announce that the new managed by Sanabil Holiday Sdn Bhd.  Website is launched and will take place to become our specialized umrah & hajj website effective from now onwords.

Here you you can  explore our services especialy in Umrah & Hajj in Makkah (Al Haram) and Madinah (Holy Mosque). Check in often – there’s always something new at our unique website!

We are providing Umrah & Hajj VIP packages such as VIP Platinum packages, Young Executive package and Family Executive package, We are the one who always commited with the most exciting offers— it’s also the portal for the special family perform umrah & hajj. Let us take you from the stress world to the widest dreams and all in one great memories.

Based on the success of the past experiences and on feedback from the customers – we are planning to include multiple choices and programs as well as plenary sessions discussing all related in the field. We will also include wider scope on several of the large ongoing tourism in Middle East destination during 2010 in order to provide the best services and reach a excellent rank among the local service providers.

We would be pleased to have you among the visitors of this exciting website.

Khairul Effendi Hashim
On behalf of the Organizing Committee